How to solve a Rubik's cube 2x2 - Step 2

Step 2.

At the beginning of this stage, you should have one solved side. Turn the cube so that the solved side is down (in our case, it is white)

At the end of the stage, you should have the yellow side solved, and the colors of the upper layer may not be arranged correctly.

Turn the cube so that the yellow piece would face you like it does in the picture.
We need to turn it up.
To do this, you need to repeat the algorithm until the yellow side of the cube looks up. If the yellow side is looking up, but the white side "broke", you need to turn the top face (place another piece in its place) and repeat the algorithm. The white side will once again be solved, and the yellow pieces will be up top.

R' B R B' R' B R B'
After you do the above, the solved white side will "break", but after completing this sequence again, everything will return to its place. Just before completing the sequence, make sure to place the second "wrong" piece in the same place. Depending on your situation, you just need to turn the top face the desired number of times so that the "wrong" piece gets back to the same place.

Repeat the step with other pieces until the yellow side is solved.