How to solve a Rubik's cube 5х5 - Step 3

Step 3.

In the beginning of this stage there should be solved the centers of the cube and all similar pieces on the edges should be combined. Their location is not important.

In the end of this step all similar pieces should be turned similarly. The centers should be solved.

Locate the pieces which should be turned opposite one another as it's shown in the picture and carry out the algorithm.

Variant 1

e R F' U R' F e'
Variant 2

Rr x2 B x2 U x2 Ll U x2 Rr' U x2 Rr U x2 F x2 Rr F x2 Ll' B x2 Rr x2

Now the cube became analogous to the cube 3x3 and it can be solved by the formulae for the cube 3x3.

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