How to solve a Rubik's cube 4х4 - Step 2

Step 2.

In the beginning of this stage you should have solved centers of the cube.

By the end of the stage you should have pieces connected in pairs on the edges, their location is not important.

To carry out this step, You need to combine all similar pieces between each other. Location of these centers is not important at this stage. The main thing is to combine pairwise pieces, therefore, centers in the pictures are not painted, to avoid distraction of attention from the main thing. But you should remember that at this stage the centers are solved and they shouldn’t be undone.

Place the similar pieces one against each other, like in the picture. During this step You will have a moment when you should place a pair of different pieces in the place of pair of similar pieces. Depending on how similar pieces are placed and where is a pair of different pieces, there can be different situations.

Variant 1

L'l' U' R U Ll
Variant 2

L'l' U' R R U Ll
Variant 3

L'l' U' R' U Ll
Variant 4

Rr U L' U' R'r'
Variant 5

Rr U L2 U' R'r'
Variant 6

Rr U L U' R'r'
Variant 7

U F' L F' L' F U' Dd R F' U R' F D'd'
Variant 8

Rr U F' L U F R'r'

When similar pieces will be combines, go on to the next step.