How to solve a Rubik's cube 6x6 - Step 9

Step 9.

At the beginning of this stage, the corner cubes of the top edge must be in their places, at the same time they may be rotated incorrectly.

At the end of the stage the whole cube should be assembled.

To flip the corner cubes right side, we use the algorithm of step 7 of assembling a 3х3 cube You may have one of the following pictures. Either all the corner cubes of the top face are rotated incorrectly, or

a) 2 one-sided cubes are rotated incorrectly,
b) either the 2 diagonal cubes are rotated incorrectly.
R F' R' F
R F' R' F

This sequence must be repeated until the right cube of the upper face turns in the correct way. In doing so, the entire cube can "break". Don't be alarmedIf You repeat the sequence a few more times, everything will fall into place. Only before repeating the sequence, You need to put another "wrong cube" in the right corner. Depending on the case, You just need to rotate the top edge by the required number of revolutions, so that the "wrong" cube is in the right corner.

In the case of a) rotate the top face once


In the case of b) rotate the top face twice in either direction


Now do the sequence so that this cube turns correctly.

At the end, Your cube must be assembled!