How to solve a Rubik's cube 7х7 - Step 1

Before You assemble the Rubik's Cube 7x7, learn how to assemble the classic 3x3 cube, since the 7x7 cube assembly consists of the same algorithms as the 3x3, but supplemented by several new formulas

Step 1.

As with the other cubes, You must first turn it into a cube similar to the 3x3 cube. And then perform the classic cube formulas You already know.

At the beginning of this stage the cube is completely disassembled.

At the end of the stage You should have all the middle pieces (25 cubes of one color)

In order to perform this step, You need to rearrange the middle cubes between each other. Put the cubes You want in front of each other, and do the following formula. If there is no suitable formula, rotate the sides of the cube so that You can use one of the formulas.

Variant 1

4r U
U 4rd'
Variant 2

U 3L U 4r ux2 4rd U 3L
Variant 3

U 2R U 4r Ux2' 4rd U 2Rd
Variant 4

3lu U 3l U 3lu Ux2 3l
Variant 5

2R U 2R' U 2R Ux2 2R'
Variant 6

3r U' 2L' U 3r' U' 2L
Variant 7

3l' U 2R U' 3l U 2R'

After You have assembled the middles, proceed to the next step