How to solve a Rubik's cube 5х5 - Step 2

Step 2.

In the beginning of this stage there should be created centers of the cube.

In the end of the stage you should have the connected similar pieces on edges, but their location is not important.

To carry out his step, You need to combine all similar pieces between each other. Location of the centers in not important at this stage but the main thing is to combine similar pieces by 3 on the edge. Therefore, the centers in the pictures are not painted to avoid distraction from the main thing. But you should remember that centers are already solved at this stage and they shouldn't be undone. Locate the similar cubes opposite one another like it's shown in the picture and carry out necessary algorithm.

Variant 1

Dd R F' U R' F Dd'
Variant 2

Uu' R F' U R' F Uu
Variant 3

Uu x2 Rr x2 F x2 u x2 F x2 Rr x2 Uu x2
Variant 4

Ll' U x2 Ll' U x2 F x2 Ll' F x2 Rr U x2 Rr' U x2 Ll x2

When all pieces will be combines, pass to the next step.