How to solve a Rubik's cube 7х7 - Step 2

Step 2.

At the beginning of this stage You should be assembled, the middles of the cube.

At the end of the stage You have to connect the same cubes on the ribs (5 pieces), and their location is not important.

To perform this step, You need to combine among themselves the same cubes. The location of the centers at this stage is not important, the main thing is to combine the same edge cubes among themselves, but it is worth remembering that the centers at this stage have already been assembled, and disassemble they should not.

Place identical cubes opposite each other, as shown in the figure. The main thing here is to understand the principle and You will not need any memorization of algorithms. During this step, You will have a moment when You need to put a pair of different cubes in place of a pair of identical cubes. Here is an example that the different cubes are on the left vertical rib, so the second movement is always a turn of the top edge to the left. But there may be other situations. Once You understand the principle You can easily cope with any.

Variant 1

2r U L' U' 2r'
Variant 2

3r U L' U' 3r'
Variant 3

2l' U L' U' 3l
Variant 4

2l' U L' U' 3l
Variant 5

2l' Ux2 2l' Ux2 Fx2 2l' Fx2 2r Ux2 2r' Ux2 2l
Variant 6

3l' Ux2 3l' Ux2 Fx2 3l' Fx2 3r Ux2 3r' Ux2 3lx2
Variant 7

3Rx2 backx2 Ux2 3L Ux2 3R' Ux2 3R Ux2 Fx2 3R Fx2 3L' backx2 3Rx2
Variant 8

3-5u' R F' U R' F 3-5u-
Variant 9

4u' R F' U R' F 4u

When all the same cubes are connected , proceed to the next step