How to solve a Rubik's cube - Step 7

Step 7.

In the beginning of this stage all corner pieces of the up face should be in their places but they can be turned wrong.

In the end of this stage the cube should be done completely.


You can obtain one of the following pictures: all corner pieces of the up face are turned incorrectly or

a) 2 adjacent pieces are turned wrongly
b) 2 opposite pieces are turned wrongly

To reverse the pieces, carry out the following:

R F' R' F R F' R' F

This sequence should be repeated till the right piece of up face won't be located correctly. At the same time the piece can "break". Don't be scared. After repeating this procedure few times, everything will return to their places. Before doing this, locate the second "wrong" piece to the right corner. Depending on the case, you should rotate upper face necessary amount of times to locate "wrong" piece on the right corner.

In case a) rotate up face one time
In case b) rotate up face 2 times in any direction

Now carry out this procedure to make this piece rotate correctly.

In the end you should complete your cube!

If you solve cube, press this I solved the Rubik's cube!